5 Exercises You can do With a Pre Existing Health Condition

Nothing feels better than the post-workout glow that radiates through your body after a vicious workout. But not everyone is able to engage in the same exercises as the fittest at the gym. Pre-existing health conditions can make it difficult, and sometimes dangerous, to do certain exercises.

But it is important, no matter your ability, to make sure you work your body out in some way shape, or form. So we have compiled a list of 5 Exercises that can be done by anyone who suffers from a pre-existing health condition. These conditions include heart issues, broken or weakened bones, dead muscles, or respiratory distress. We can assure you that these workouts are the best for women and men of all abilities.



This is a fantastic exercise that literally anyone can do. You might think of the typical image of someone sitting crossed-legged on the floor, but rest assured that is just one way of meditating. So if you have joint issues or muscle problems, fret not. Meditation is extremely healthy for you. It strengthens your respiratory system as you train and focus your breathing, while also clearing your mind and improving your mental well being.



Yoga is a rich and diverse exercise habit that we encourage everyone to get into. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone. No matter your pre-existing condition, you can find a yoga routine that works around your specific needs. Yoga is a fantastic way to stretch and strengthen your muscles, while also learning fantastic methods to regulate your breathing.



Swimming is a fantastic experience for people of all ages. It seems we are naturally drawn to the water. And a lot of gym pools offer assisted swimming sessions for people or various ability levels. So no matter what your pre-existing condition is, you can find a swimming routine that works for you. And with the aid of flotation devices, you can get the full workout experience without any risk at all.



When we say walking, we don’t mean the regular walking you do from day to day. We are talking about a brisk walk for a set time. Walking at a brisk pace is proven to be one of the easiest, and healthiest exercises you can partake in. We understand that there are some people who do not have the luxury of being able to walk. But for those that can, going on a nice long walk will invigorate you and stimulate your body.



We don’t mean pounding the massive weights you see at the gym. You can find smaller, more manageable weights for your home that can be used, even with certain conditions. As long as you don’t exert yourself too much it can be perfectly safe and a great workout all in one. But make sure to consult a doctor before you do, just to make certain of your maximum upper weight limit.

Can You Make it As a Pro Gamer?

Due to the sheer amounts of tournaments and streaming opportunities that are now available, many people are quitting their 9 to 5 jobs and pursuing the life of a pro gamer. However, not just everyone can become a pro gamer as it takes a level of skill that not everyone has. So, could you make it as a pro gamer?


Your Skills

First of all, it is important to make sure that you are good at whatever games you decide to play professionally. If you aren’t winning the game, then you probably aren’t making any money. Before you even begin gaming professionally you should really work on your skills. Do plenty of research about the game you are playing, so if you want to professionally play rocket league, you should research rocket league tips to make sure that you know all that you need to.


Your Personality

You should also evaluate who you are as a person. Starting professional gaming can be a tiring process, you’re not going to start off at the top of your game, in fact, it can be a long time before you start making any money at all. If you are someone who lacks patience and will find it difficult to struggle initially, you shouldn’t get into the professional gaming industry.


Your Set-Up

You also want to make sure that you have the right setup for your gaming career. We recommend that you put together a powerful PC so that you can handle any game on the market, one of the main disadvantages that you will face when playing a game is lag or low frame rate due to poor setup. This could really ruin your chances of winning a game and if you choose to stream, people just won’t want to look at low-quality gameplay.


So before you start your career, make sure you tick all the right boxes to ensure success.