The 4 Most Popular Quiz Shows In the USA

Before quiz shows hit prime time on television, they were already a staple on television’s ubiquitous precursor, radio. Quiz shows, popular for their informal feel and their inclusion of everyday people, started out slowly on network radio. In the early 1930s, it consisted almost solely of music and comedy. Soap operas, minstrel shows, news, commentary, and sporting events rounded out the programming. There are many popular shows in the United States, these include trivia quizzes and game shows that are a family favorite year-round. They are perfect to watch for an entertaining family night or for some background noise during the day. I will be discussing four of the most popular quiz shows in America.


Which have proved to be the most popular

The longest-running U.S. network game show to appear in prime time, “What’s My Line?” earned Emmy and Golden Globe Awards throughout the years. Viewers loved the notion of celebrity panelists questioning contestants to determine their occupations. There was also the “mystery guest,” which added to the intrigue and popularity of the program.

This has proved to be one of the most popular game shows and was extremely entertaining for those watching on a Saturday night. Next up, we have “Sale of the Century” which saw three hosts during its lengthy run, including baseball great Joe Garagiola. Contestants earn money by answering trivia-style questions and have a chance to grab an “instant bargain” along the way to the final round. The winners also have a chance to take a quick prize or bank the money, play on, and see if they can win more cash to buy more prizes.

Arguably the most popular family-friendly game show ever, “Double Dare,” not to be confused by a different game show of the same name from the 1970s, was a smash for Nickelodeon since debuting in 1986 — and even made a comeback in 2018. Hosted by Marc Summers, the show was popular for its wacky physical challenges that often involved some liquid concoctions. Many people are familiar with the famous “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”; when the U.S. version of this hit game show debuted on Aug. 16, 1999, it took the country by storm and became appointment viewing. With Regis Philbin as its original host, the show captivated fans with its intense quest to win $1 million through a progression of questions. From lifelines to phone-a-friend to Regis’ unique humor, millions around the globe were picking up their phones and later heading to the internet to try for their chances at being contestants.



Game shows were most popular from the 1960-90s period. It appears that since the rising popularity of Netflix and other streaming services, game shows have taken a bit of a backseat. Although they have proved immensely popular and may remain so, it seems that the interest in US game shows has currently died down. They may eventually make a big comeback in the future, as many previous shows have been revived in the past.

The Food Truck Owner Who Became a Hollywood Superstar!

While browsing Netflix you may have come across a show simply called The Chef Show. The display image will show familiar face John Favreau and Gweneth Paltrow making food together in a kitchen. The trailer shows John eating and cooking with an all-star cast, including the Avengers Robert Downy Jr and Tom Holland.

But what might surprise you is the co-star of this show isn’t an actor or a musician. Yet they are one of the most well-known names in Hollywood. Their food truck is praised by studio execs, celebrities, and normal Hollywood citizens alike. But why is it you haven’t heard of them then? And how did a simple food truck owner rise to become a Hollywood superstar?


Roy Choi

The chef in question is Roy Choi. A man of humble origins, born in South Korea, Roy was raised in California with his parents who ran a series of various shops. Groceries, Laundrette. Hairdressers. His family was slowly building a small scale empire of stores within their community. And from this Roy slowly learned a lot about both business and hard work.

Roy spent a lot of his adult life unsure of his destination. He went to school and then dropped out. He also spent some time teaching English in Korea but soon decided this also wasn’t for him.

In 1996 he began attending a culinary school, honing his passions for cooking. He also worked as an intern in New York City, learning from some of the best chefs around.


His Truck

Roy spent years working with many chefs in various four and five-star restaurants he moved onto food trucks. At the time food trucks were more associated with hot dogs of greasy baseball food. But Roy wanted to imagine something different.

He marketed his trucks as gourmet. Serving restaurant-quality food at fast-food speeds. With the prices matching what you would expect from a food truck. And it didn’t take long before it all took off. He started with a gourmet taco truck, using only the finest ingredients, and slowly branched into deserts, using portable ice makers that work well to create complex and stunning ice-based deserts for a hot summer day.

And this truck caught the attention of one significant actor/producer. John Favreau. At the time John was in the middle of creating his new movie, Chef. And he needed someone to teach him the ins and outs of cooking. He wanted to present the Chef experience as authentically as he could. So he soon struck up a friendship with Roy and Roy started mentoring John in the arts of cooking like a chef.


Growing Fame

The movie was a success. And it boosted John up in the Hollywood world. Soon he was working as a producer on bigger pictures. Eventually landing the role as producer on Iron Man, the start of the entire MCU. And John had a suggestion for who should provide the catering for the set. Roy Choi.

So, every few days of shooting, Roy would show up with his food truck. And the entire cast and crew would have the option of eating his food, paid for by the studio of course. And soon, through word of mouth, Roy began showing up on more movie sets. Eventually, he became a staple of Hollywood filming. Most big-budget movies will have one of Roy’s trucks present on set.

And he has slowly built up a fantastic list of connections. He knows nearly every major chef in Hollywood. He frequents all the hottest restaurants and is renowned by everyone who meets him. This just goes to show the power food has on people, even the most powerful people in the entertainment industry.