The 5 Best DIY Shows on the Air Right Now!

DIY shows consisting of house renovations or maintenance around the home would have to be one of the best binge television shows for when you need to pass the time, their quick turnaround of turning some of the most desolate locations into architectural feats and luxury homes. Many of the shows are surprises for the people who receive the homes and it is truly heartwarming to see their reactions when they see how their life has changed.  



DIY SOS is a BBC television show featuring a large team of builders and contractors who are experts at turning houses that are in terrible condition into luxury homes that can actually be comfortably lived in. The team works so hard to give so many families who have not had the fairest life with medical conditions and living situations the home that they deserve. It is really important that a program like this exists as people are not always aware of how easy they have it and how lucky they are to have nice homes. With DIY SOS I feel that it is something the team genuinely cares about doing and it is just nice to see.  


60 Minute Makeover

The 60-minute makeover is another charity home development show where properties are completely transformed into something new, the unique thing about this show is that the whole renovation and redecoration process is done in sixty minutes. This is possible thanks to the huge team of volunteers who are a mix of members of the public and industry professionals.  


Much like DIY SOS, there is always a heartfelt reveal at the end of the show where the owners are shown their new home. There is a famous episode of the show where they actually managed to replace a huge portion of the roof within the time frame, I think a job like this deserves recognition so if you are ever looking for a roofer in Danbury check them out.  


Barnwood Builders

Barnwood builders is a pretty unique show where the team of woodworkers and developers transforms old barns into modern and luxurious homes, as the transformation of the old building being in terrible condition to the end result being a huge luxurious home, it really does make for excellent television that can keep you entertained for hours.  


Building Off The Grid

This next show is one for the more introverted with the main concept of the show being to build a home in some of the world’s most isolated and remote regions, with one episode even attempting the North Pole. The team of professionals are really amazing at what they do and the fact that they can complete such huge building tasks as well as dealing with the harsher weather and environmental conditions that come with choosing such locations. Building Off The Grid finds the perfect balance between the adrenaline and action of the danger and the creative element of the interior design that takes place, making for a really good and attention-grabbing show.  


DIY Takeover Pool Kings

The final show on this list would have to be the recent showings of DIY Takeover, pool Kings. This show is similar to the other DIY shows on this list apart from the fact that instead of renovating whole homes they turn disgusting abandoned pools into spotless attractions for the home that can be enjoyed by the whole family. This show is very interesting as it provides an insight into a different DIY process that is not so often shown on our television screens.