The Best Easy-To-Use Cameras For Under $300

Before the age of the film, we were stuck using pictures to convey our stories. And even today the art of photography is still one of the most evocative and mesmerizing art forms out there. You can capture a perfect moment forever. Or steal beautiful vistas and keep them in your pocket.

But the hobby of photography isn’t easy to break into. It might seem its a simple as grabbing a disposable camera and going out there. But there is so much more to consider when taking photos. And, to really get good quality pictures, you need quality cameras.

But it makes no sense to go out and spend a small fortune on the most expensive kit without the experience. So, to start you will want to invest in a quality camera that is easy to use and doesn’t break the bank. So we have compiled a handy guide to help you find the best point and shoot camera for less than $300.


Canon Powershot SX530

Canon is a reliable name in the world of photography, and for good reason. They always produce some of the most resilient and user-friendly devices on the market.

Fitted with a powerful 50X optical zoom, the PowerShot SX530 can be used for up-close snaps and getting shots of views from far away. And all of this is captured in stunning 1080p HD thanks to the 16.0 Megapixel High-sensitivity CMOS Sensor



Kodak was famous for its range of disposable cameras. And they continued their pattern of making fantastic cameras into the modern age with the PIXPRO.

The PIXPRO is one of the simplest and easy-to-use digital cameras on the market. It is as simple as point and click to get a crystal clear image every time. Making use of 4X optical zoom and 16.15MP CCD sensor, the PIXPRO is a great starter camera that allows you to learn the more intricate options available to you. And all for under $300 which is a bargain.


Nikon Coolpix L340

No article about cameras would be complete without a look in from Nikon. Powerhouses in the camera tech industry, you will be hard-pressed to find a Nikon camera that doesn’t deliver on value-for-money across the board.

And the Coolpix L340 is the perfect example of this. Making use of 28x optical zoom, the L340 can capture fantastic quality images up to most distances. Backed up by a 20CCD Image Sensor you get perfect images every time. It also allows for picture enlargement without sacrificing pixel quality, so you can make posters or portraits to hang up with ease.

It can also record and playback HD movies, which is a nice addition on top of everything else.


Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS60

You can’t ever go wrong with Panasonic. And the Lumix DMC ZS60 is a great option for anyone just breaking into the world of photography.

Making use of 30x optical zoom, the Lumix is best suited for more casual use and travel photography, being able to capture the scenery with stunning ease. It also has an 18-megapixel sensor to ensure all your photos are in High Definition. It also features 4K HD video playback functionality as well, which is also a nice feature to see.


When it comes to what camera is best, all of these options are fantastic choices. It all depends on your budget and which one you think looks best as well. Each is distinct in its own way and provides a unique photographing experience.


Hollywood Gossip: The Hottest Couples on the Red Carpet

In Hollywood, it is not unusual to read about a new celebrity couple in magazines and on social media every other week. New connections are made often through work or social events and then images are often plastered all over Instagram and Twitter within days. There are even some couples that have been together for so long that they usually just get referred to as one name by the press and their fans, such is their connection. Whether it’s a new couple, still in the honeymoon phase, or a couple that has been through everything together: here are some of the hottest couples in Hollywood right now, who we just can’t get enough of hearing about!


Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski

Long gone are the days of Brangelina, who broke up in 2016, Brad has a new and beautiful girlfriend now. Brad and Nicole, a 27-year-old model, have been together for around a year now and have spent a lot of that time traveling together before the quarantine. Their relationship has been kept on the down-low for the sake of privacy meaning that there are very few pics of them together, but from what we’ve seen, they are definitely a hot couple.


Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens

Kirk Douglas, the Hollywood icon, has been married to his former publicist, Anne Buydens, for around 64 years now. The pair got together following a funny anecdote, involving rejected dinner dates in favor of scrambled eggs, and have been together ever since, marrying and having two children together. Their long-term marriage would definitely spark envy, making everyone want a relationship like that with their crush and desperately questioning: does he like you?


Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich

Demi Lovato and the Young and the Restless actor Max Ehrich have recently sparked a relationship within the past 6 months and have already gotten engaged within that time. The pair clearly fell in love fast, although it does seem that there may be a few problems already, with proof of Max interested in and commenting on Demi’s ex-friend Selena Gomez’s pictures just days before the couple got together.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Long-time Hollywood star Tom Hanks has been happily married to his wife Rita Wilson for over thirty years now, with many more happy years expected to come in the future. After meeting in the early 80s on Tom’s show Bosom Buddies, it didn’t take long for the pair to fall in love and have two children, Chester and Truman. This couple, who are often stated to be two of the nicest celebrities you could meet, have been through a lot together, as seen this year when they were both tested positive for Covid-19.


Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

Another hot Hollywood couple, Ben and Ana have been dating since they filmed together as husband and wife in the upcoming movie Deep Water and have since been inseparable.  They holidayed together in Cuba and Costa Rica in March before going into quarantine together. Things still look good today as they plan to possibly move in together. Hopefully, they stay together and happy for years to come.


Although there is a lot of drama when it comes to celebs dating, with the entire world keeping an eye on their relationships, there are many couples that are thankfully able to stay happy and in love despite the prying eyes of the press and public. This should give everyone hope for the future of their love life, don’t give up and you will surely find the one you’re meant to be with someday.

Battle of the Bands: Christian Rock Wins it All!

The music industry is a competitive place, with thousands of brands competing against each other to win the vote of popularity and make themselves a success through their music. One of the more surprising additions to this world would have to be Christian rock, a seemingly unconventional combination the genre of Christian rock has seen a huge growth in fan following and is set to become the latest trend in the music world. Rock music has a very specific following, one that wouldn’t typically be associated with Christianity, but the juxtaposition of religion with the wild side of rock music could be what has made it such a success. People are always looking for something different especially when it comes to music, so pairing the serenity of religion with the upbeat and even aggressive style of rock, makes for a very interesting flair within music production


Recent Events

Christian rock has made an appearance at a variety of musical events over the last few months, from festivals to concerts to smaller performances within bars and clubs, it seems that this unique style of music is being enjoyed by the majority up and down the country and within a range of environments. With such versatility, performers of this genre can show their talent in a range of different places, and the fact that the reception has been so positive reflects the success that is yet to come.


If you are looking to watch some of the great Christian rock acts that are out there then I would recommend searching for many local festivals or events in your area. Christian rock is becoming very popular so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find a great event close to you. One of the more notable events hosting this kind of music would have to be the recent Capital festival, with a whole range of Christian rock bands performing to huge crowds of adoring fans, this event has to be one of the most prestigious festivals within the country so the fact that Christian rock could be found there just shows how much of a hot this genre is.


It’s not just the music, Christian rock has built an empire of revenue and success, with high-quality merchandise like T-shirts, bags, and prints being sold at every event they play the industry is set to make some serious money from a variety of sources. If you would like to find your own merch then christian t-shirts at is the place to go.


Overall the music industry has been changed forever with Christian rock sweeping past their competitors in terms of popularity and success, not only can this new and interesting style of music be found in some of the most influential music events, but the industry has changed in a way that helps brands to build a business for themselves, allowing them to do what they love and make a healthy living.