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Where Are All Your Favorite Celebrities Honeymooned

Where Are All Your Favorite Celebrities Honeymooned

Where Are All Your Favorite Celebrities Honeymooned

There are various destination sites for honeymooners. The weather is a big consideration for couples to enjoy the great outdoors.

Choosing where to travel with your special someone on your first official trip as a married couple is one of the best parts of planning your wedding.

Celebrities often pick some of the most romantic locations to spend their honeymoon as newlyweds but you don’t have to be a celebrity to visit these spots.

So, here are celebrity-approved honeymoon locations you should consider checking out!

Where do celebrities go for their honeymoon?


Tahiti is where Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher went for their honeymoon.

Featuring romantic overwater bungalows and spectacular waterfall valleys, French Polynesia is the perfect place to unwind.

Tahiti is the ideal honeymoon destination. Tahiti, officially French Polynesia, is a romantic and beautiful island chain in the South Pacific.

It offers newlyweds an idyllic place to unwind, soak up the sun and take part in a variety of activities.

Bali, Indonesia

With sandy beaches, volcanic mountains, and coral reefs, this Indonesian island has it all. Bali Indonesia is the honeymoon destination of the then couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

Bali is the perfect destination for a romantic honeymoon. A candlelight dinner is a honeymoon must.

Private dining areas are available at many restaurants for honeymooners and others who value privacy.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of the few honeymoon destinations that have the same appeal around the world.

With crystal clear lagoons, white-sand beaches, and overwater bungalows overlooking lush mountains, Bora Bora is a dream destination for many brides and grooms.

For Nichole Kidman and Keith Urban, Bora Bora is such a perfect honeymoon destination! Scuba diving is the most popular activity on the island in French Polynesia.

In addition to the luxury resorts, the island is a great place to relax, unwind, and enjoy paradise.


Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson’s honeymoon destination is Bahia, Brazil. This destination offers a tropical coastline and plenty of historic architecture, making it a great honeymoon destination.

With a coastline of 4,500 miles and an array of islands, Brazil is a fantastic honeymoon destination.

There is no better place to view Brazil’s abundant wildlife than the Amazon and Pantanal wetlands, while the urban jungles of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo range from historic colonial villages to huge, vibrant metropolises.


Located in the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji is a tropical paradise. What’s not to love about this paradise with its mountain climbing and zip-lining?

Fiji is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

Couples who come to this island will find a perfect combination of beaches, jungles, spectacular landscapes, and luxuries that is just right for them.

For that reason, Fiji is the honeymoon destination choice for Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman.

Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland is a seaport city and the best way to see the city is on foot, so wear your walking shoes!

From pubs to waterways to beautiful architecture, there are many things to discover.

Cork is known as Ireland’s Foodie Capital. Also, it’s where Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went for their honeymoon.

Costa Rica

With its natural beauty, this Central American country is a popular honeymoon destination due to its rainforests, waterfalls, and hiking trails.

Traveling here is a must if wildlife is important to you both which were the main attraction for Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker.

Costa Rica is great for honeymoons, with its beautiful beaches, lush jungles, and all kinds of adventures.

You can go as adventurous or as luxurious as you like. For American visitors, Costa Rica has the advantage of feeling exotic and still being close to home.


For Josh Duhamel and Fergie, the Maldives is the perfect honeymoon place if you’re dreaming of lying on the beautiful white sand while looking at the clear blue sea.

Due to its unique setting in the middle of the warm Indian Ocean, the Maldives remains a top honeymoon destination.

It is for most people a place far, far away from the maddening crowd, where they can escape from the wedding rush and relax, de-stress and enjoy each other.

Positano, Italy

There is nothing more European than a vacation on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Beaches cover in grey pebbles and the streets are lined with cute cafes and fabulous boutiques.

This is the place to go if you want to go somewhere tropical outside of the Caribbean.

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth came to Positano, Italy for their honeymoon. They’ve enjoyed the cute cafes, fabulous boutiques, and beautiful beaches.


Tanzania is without a doubt one of the very best African honeymoon destinations.

Safari and beach honeymooners will enjoy this area – the Indian Ocean havens are nearby incredible parks with plenty of big five and predator action.

Tanzania is a country in East Africa known for its vast wilderness areas.

The parks include the Serengeti National Park, a safari Mecca home to the “big five” (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino), and Kilimanjaro National Park, Africa’s highest peak.

Final Say

The cake has been cut, the gazillion-dollar peonies are quietly wilting, and everyone has finally left the banquet hall.

The honeymoon is the cherry on top of the dotted five-layer cake. Nobody chooses exclusive and romantic travel destinations better than celebrities.

Choosing a getaway destination is a choice that differs by couple, and choosing the wedding venue is arguably the second most important step for a couple in wedding planning.

The reason for selecting a perfect honeymoon destination is so varied. Some couples love nature, others consider their budget, and some go for a little adventure.

With so many luxury resorts, romantic islands, and beautiful cities across the globe, choosing the perfect location for your honeymoon can seem impossible.

Discover these popular honeymoon destinations. Whether you’d like to relax on a pristine beach or explore an enchanting city, there’s something for everyone.

The Hottest TV Shows that Have Everyone Hooked

If we were all sincere, we would all agree that we have spent a lot of time watching TV this year. With the world pretty much closing down, who could blame us? Spending so much time at home has meant that many of us have watched an unhealthy amount of TV. Though our doctors and personal trainers probably won’t be too happy with this, TV executives definitely are.  Though filming became a bit of an issue during our isolation periods, there were still plenty of released shows, and they all had us on the edge of our seats. Here are the hottest TV shows that have everyone hooked right now.  

Married at First Sight  

Married at First Sight - Season 13: Release date and who are the couples? | MarcaUnless you have avoided all human interaction for the last year, you have definitely heard of Married at First Sight. Married at First Sight is a show based around what is believed to be scientifically perfect couple pairings. You can probably guess how the show goes just by looking at the title. Two people get married, and the first time that they meet is at the altar. The show then follows them in the months after their marriage to see if the scientific pairing works and whether or not you can really use science to find love.  

This show is full of twists and turns that will take you by surprise. What went from an exciting scientific show slowly became a show packed with excellent drama that hooked us. Though it probably wasn’t the producers’ intention, there was no way that there wasn’t going to be drama in a show with a premise like this.  


Icarly Reboot 

If you are young during the mid-2000s, you definitely watched Icarly at some point. Icarly created a culture that defined a generation, and if you have ever been to a 2000s quiz, then many pop culture trivia questions are based around just Icarly.  

iCarly Reboot: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More! - DroidJournalThough many people were sceptical when the new season of the show was announced, after watching it many of us were left surprisingly happy. The show seems to have grown with us and includes many adult humour and references to the original season. Many of us were scared that Icarly would fall victim to the same fate that many remakes have made a comeback, but the show has been surprisingly good. The only complaint is that it is missing one of the show’s main characters, but there is a lot of behind-the-screen drama explaining why this is the case.  


New episodes are expected to come out soon, where we are promised to be reintroduced to some of the classic characters from the original season, so it’s not too late to jump back into the season. 


The Circle  

The Circle Season 2": Has Netflix confirmed this new season? Release Date, Cast, and more! - DroidJournalThis show has been around for several years now, and it has both American and British versions. The basic description of this show is that many people live within one apartment complex. Still, they can not meet face to face and instead have to communicate via a mobile app called the ‘circle.’  Every episode, someone new is kicked out of their apartment after being voted the least popular person. This is a show that is supposed to be a commentary on the internet popularity. It proves that people can easily make presumptions about who they are before even meeting you.  


The best part of this show is the introduction of catfishes that shows that people are not always who they say they are. If you like games based on strategy and human interaction, this is the show for you.  

Sexy beasts 

This brand new Netflix dating show is really surprising the world. This show consists of people dressing up as creatures that reflect their personalities but disguise what they actually look like. If you like weird and quirky dating shows, then this is as quirky as they get. This show has extremely uncomfortable parts, which may be off-putting, but it is hard to look away from. 

Making Money as a YouTuber: Our Strategy Guide

Looking at prospective careers can be very daunting especially when you consider how much things have changed recently across many different industries. These changes are partly down to the fact that as a whole we have become much more reliant on social media, and social media platforms within many different aspects of our home and work life. If you are interested in starting a career as a Youtube creator or if you are just curious about how these so-called stars make their money then continue reading for the main points on this area.


Creating Relatable Content

For a Youtuber to be truly successful you will need to be prepared to build your career from the ground up, it may be frustrating but in your early stages of opening up your channel, you may find that things are a bit quiet in terms of genuine business opportunities. A great way that you can do this and grab the attention of your viewers would be to ensure that you are making content that is light-hearted in nature, entertaining, and relatable enough to build you a large following of viewers who will continue watching as you become more and more successful.


How to Monetize Your Videos

There is a level of success that you will have to meet before you are able to start making money from your videos, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and be receiving 20000 views on your videos. When you meet this criterion you will be able to register your channel with Google Adsense and start making some money from the content you are uploading. A great success story with monetizing Youtube videos can be seen in Pooh Shiesty’s career as he also built himself up from the ground up, if you are interested in learning the Pooh Shiesty net worth then it can be found with little research and let me tell you that it is quite shocking.


Building your Brand

A huge part of becoming famous via Youtube is that you have to build a brand for yourself that can be implemented across much different streaming and social media platforms, it is important that you stay true to yourself within your brand as you run the risk of losing followers if you start to play to the cameras and coming across as fake. You can build your brand from the initial setup of your channel by adding simple things like an independently designed logo and banner to decorate your profile and portray yourself as an industry professional who should be taken seriously.


Using Social Media to Your Advantage

A huge part of making money as a Youtuber is what you do with your newfound recognisability, instead of sticking to one platform like Youtube you should be diversifying by connecting with more and more people spread over a variety of different social media pages. It is important that you do this to avoid losing your followers and to make sure that you are staying relevant within the industry and doing everything you can to develop your career and hopefully bring you huge amounts of success.


Securing Sponsorship Deals

The final way that you can make money as a Youtube star would be to try and find yourself a sponsorship deal where you are paid to advertise and spread the word about a brands products, depending on your moral stance I would recommend doing sponsorships with brands that you actually like as this will help to portray yourself as a creator whose opinion can be trusted, as well as speeding up the development rate of your career and Youtube channel.

The Best Free Games That Will Entertain you For Days

In the last year or so, we have also experienced the very depths of boredom. For a lot of us, we have been forced to stay at home and entertain ourselves due to worldwide restrictions. Though at the start this was a nice break for those of us with extremely busy schedules after a while we were all overcome with the boredom of having very little to do.

Many of us chose to take up new hobbies like crafting or something similar, but there are only so many clay bowls that you can paint before the boredom starts to creep back in.  As well as boredom becoming a shared hobby around the world, gaming has also started to regain popularity.

For years, there was a stigma surrounding gaming that made it unappealing to the masses. Thankfully, in the last few years, this stigma has started to disappear, which means more and more people are opening up to the prospect of gaming, and a brand new culture of gamers has been created.

Unfortunately, gaming can be a very expensive hobby and some games that are released these days can cost more than fifty dollars to play. For this reason, a lot of people that would love to try gaming have unfortunately been unable to for financial reasons.

We for one think that gaming is not just a hobby that should be reserved for those who can afford and for that reason we want to draw your attention to gratis spil, or free games that you can play right now. Here are the best free games that will entertain you for days.



Fortnite is arguably one of the most famous free-to-play games in the world right now and with millions of users playing every day, we can see why. You can download Fortnite on a number of devices and now you can even play it on your phone, which means if you don’t have a console, you don’t have to feel excluded.

Fortnite is a battle royale-style game which forces you to test your aim and building skills against those of 99 other players. Fortnite is not just limited to single-player battle royale and you can play a number of game modes and squad up with your friends. Every few months, the game releases a brand new theme, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored and losing interest.

Though the game itself is completely free, if you pay a small fee then you can get something called a battle pass. Owning a battle pass means that you will be able to unlock cool skins and emotes that will make your gameplay even more fun.


Jelly Match -3

If you are someone who loves games that you can just play and not have to think about, then you will love jelly match. This game is very similar to popular games like Candy Crush and in order to win, you have to match 3 jellies and completely clear the board before moving onto a brand new board which is slightly more complex.

As you clear more and more boards, the difficulty of the game starts to increase and there is absolutely no end to the game, which means if you are ever bored and you are looking for something to do, then you always have Jelly Match to fall back onto.


Fire boy and Water girl

This 2000’s classic is making a comeback and there is no wonder why. This game allows two people to play on a shared computer or laptop, each using separate keys. The goal of this game is to control two characters and have them complete difficult mazes and escape as quickly as possible.

What makes this game so exciting is the fact that each character has their own individual challenges. For example, a fire boy can not go through any water without dying and a water boy can not go into the lava, which means that you have to be very careful with the paths that you choose for your characters. This game is particularly fun if you have been trapped indoors with a friend or family member and you are looking for something fun to do.


Connect 20-20

If you are someone that doesn’t have a console or computer but you still want a fun game to play, then you should look into connect 20-20. This game is like a difficult version of Candy Crush, where you have to carefully plan out any movements that you make and link up the same numbers in order to rid them from the board.

What makes this game so difficult is that whenever you believe you have set up the perfect path for your next number, more numbers get put in the way and so you have to completely rethink your strategy. If you are someone that likes a challenge and also likes to be able to pick up and put down a game whenever you feel like it, then this may be the game for you.



If you are a fan of zombie survival, then you would love Unturned. This free-to-play game drops you in the middle of a zombie-infested world where you have to build a base and try to survive. This game has been around a long time and constantly updates, so if you are looking for a long-haul game then this may be the one for you.

The Most Intense Quiz Shows Currently on the Air

Everyone loves daytime television, from panel shows to dramas, millions of people tune in every week to catch up with their favorite show. Quiz shows are one of the most viewed shows every week, they have been popular for a long time with quiz shows like Family Fortunes and Catchphrase being popular. Now, quiz shows are much harder to win on and if you’re planning on being a contestant, you’ll have to practice plenty of trivia quizzes to even be in for a chance of winning. Quiz shows are among the favorite shows as it is a show that you can play along with, many people watch quiz shows as a family and play along at home, this is a great way to spend a nice family evening together. Quiz shows usually also have a charismatic host who keeps you interested in the game and some funny answers that give it an edge of comedy. Some quiz shows are much more intense than others, for example, Supermarket Sweep is one of the easiest shows to win on, but others are much harder. We’ve watched and analyzed and figured out which quiz shows are the most intense.


Pointless has been running since 2009 and it is hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman. The game starts with 4 teams of 2, each player will answer a question and the aim of the game is to get the lowest score possible. You get a low score by thinking outside of the box and finding the most obscure answers out there. Each round, the team with the highest score gets eliminated and those who have the lowest score make it to the final. In the final the team chooses one of 3 categories and has to give 3 answers, if one of those answers is pointless then they win the jackpot. This is a difficult quiz show game as it is extremely difficult to think of a pointless answer in the final, this game doesn’t have a high win rate as thinking of an answer that none of the 100 other people have thought of is hard.

The Chase

The Chase is a team quiz game, except you don’t get to choose your team, you’re randomly placed with 3 strangers. Each contestant plays separately at first, they have a cash builder round where they answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds, they get £1,000 for each question answered correctly. Then they must face the chaser, the chasers have some of the best general knowledge of everyone in the world. When facing the chaser they are given the option to take a lower offer to be a question closer to home, stay where they are, or shoot for the higher offer but they’ll be further from home. If they manage to make it home then they make it through to the final chase. Whoever makes it through play in the final chase, then if the chaser can answer more questions correctly, they will be caught and the chase is over. If the chaser answers fewer questions correctly then the team wins and the jackpot is split among them.

Battle of the Music Platforms: Which Streaming Service is Best  

Breaking out into the music business can be an extremely difficult task.  Every day a new person wakes up and decides that it is their turn to pursue their passions and work on their music career.  If you are somewhat of a creative yourself, you have probably encountered all of the warnings about dedicating your time to pursuing a music career and there is no wonder why. It is incredibly difficult to gain success in the music world and very few people that try, actually gain enough success to support themselves financially.  

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom. Though it can be considered a rare occurrence, there are some people out there that do make it in the industry. This is done by knowing the right people and being smart with how you publish your music.  

One of the biggest parts of gaining success in the music industry is making sure that you are publishing your music onto the right music streaming service.  Much like the music industry itself, the streaming side of the industry is also extremely congested. You have dozens of streaming options, so it can be difficult to know which one really is the best of the bunch.  

Here is our analysis of some of the best streaming services available right now. 


Arguably the most popular music streaming app that people use is Spotify. It is rare that you will find someone these days that doesn’t have a Spotify subscription. Spotify has a huge selection of music that covers all genres and it has an extremely friendly user interface.  

Spotify is excellent to use if you are a content creator, as all it takes is a short application process and you can become an official Spotify creator. Of course,  this is not completely free to do as there is a subscription cost for people who upload music, but this cost is extremely low, which means that if you are someone that doesn’t have a lot of personal income- you don’t have to spend too much.  

Spotify is extremely good when it comes to finding out your analytics, as it gives you a full rundown of not only your own listening habits, but the habits of people that listen to the music that you have published. You can really get an idea of the success of a song based on the Spotify analytics, as it will tell you exactly when someone stops listening to a song. 

Apple Music  

The biggest competition to Spotify right now is arguably Apple music. For Apple product users, apple music is much more accessible than other streaming services. Apple Music also offers a lot of sales for users, which makes it extremely affordable.  

Again, Apple music has the right to pretty much any song that you would want to listen to, which can be a problem with some of the smaller streaming services as they don’t have the rights to some artists’ songs. 

If you are someone that produces and releases music, you will also be happy to know that you can buy apple music plays on your songs. This means that you have the opportunity to attract more potential listeners and gain a bigger following. If people see that you have a lot of plays, they will be more likely to click on your content and check it out. 

Youtube Music

Youtube music has really been on the come up in the last few years. Not only does Youtube music offer advertless streaming of your favorite songs, but it also offers the opportunity to check out the most recent music videos.  

Not a lot of other streaming services allow you to listen to your favorite songs while watching their music videos, which really makes Youtube music stand out from the other streaming services. You can also access smaller artists that are published on Youtube that you may not find on your typical streaming services. A lot of artists choose not to move their content from youtube onto the other services, so you are really getting the opportunity to listen to some music classics that you may not have had the chance to previously. 

The 6 Greatest Orchestras in the World

For hundreds of years, the orchestra has been one of the most prestigious forms of live music. A   group of musicians playing music that can only be heard in its full brilliance in this sort of large setup is an incredible experience that simply can’t be replicated at home. Naturally, there are hundreds of different orchestras around the world to satiate anyone’s desire to enjoy this ancient form of music.

Ranking the greatest orchestras is not the easiest task to have. Many of today’s orchestras are brilliant in their composition, sound quality, and technical ability. It is extremely desirable amongst classical musicians to be part of a great orchestra, so there is plenty of talent to go around. What differs the top of the pile from the rest can almost seem subtle when talked about, but goes a long way when put in to practice. Magnificent examples of this can be found in all of the following orchestras, a few of my top picks for their genius.


The LA Philharmonic

Starting in the USA, one of the most innovative orchestras in the world has its home in the City of Angels. The LA Phil historically made their name with an extensive repertoire, being prepared to play an incredible range of classic and contemporary pieces, pretty much since its conception. They have adapted over the years to build on this strength by delving into more and more genres, many you wouldn’t often attribute to an orchestra.

In recent years, they have expanded into the world of pop music, covering and being featured in a surprising amount of pop hits. Their signature style compliments pop music brilliantly and they have even demonstrated this by playing in concert alongside Katy Perry.


The London Symphony Orchestra

Heading over to England, the LSO is an incredibly highly skilled orchestra that has proven its ability to play any piece of music, regardless of its complexity or nuance. This has been exemplified in pop culture with their frequent and breath-taking use on film scores, being used frequently to play music composed by the legendary John Williams.

They are well known for their extreme work ethic, where each member is ready to play regardless of the time or how exhausted they are and still achieve their famous world-class precision. As a result, they are perhaps one of the most widely heard orchestras, even if most who have heard them don’t know it (which is an incredible feat in its own right!)


The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

While we are in London, I couldn’t possibly move on without mentioning the OAE. They are unique in many ways, but the most immediate one is their lack of a permanent conductor. Instead, they work with guest conductors or simply elect a principal musician to lead them while they weave their incredible music.

They also have extreme attention to detail when they play one of their carefully chosen compositions. The OAE is dedicated to proving its name and prides itself on using period-appropriate instruments as much as possible, bringing an incredible authenticity to their music which can almost never be heard in the same way due to the rarity of many of the instruments they take advantage of.


The Berlin Philharmonic

One of the most famous orchestras, and one to reach the top of many people’s lists, is the Berlin Philharmonic. They are known for their outwardly recognizable composition, prioritizing an amount of passion in their players which may be unmatched in the orchestra scene. They have been known in three centuries for their electrifying energy as they play and for their equally impressive technical speed.

The Berlin Phil is one of the old-school greats that refuse to stop raising the bar, as they join modern greats in expanding their repertoire from the traditional classical pieces. They have more recently started bringing their incredible zest to more and more unique and contemporary pieces, showing an ambition to define the world of the extravagant orchestra for years to come.


The Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Back in the USA, the CSO proves that there is no excuse to play at anything other than the best of your ability, no matter the circumstances. They play over 100 concerts each year, an almost insane frequency for a professional orchestra to play. Regardless, they are world-renowned for their skill in performance and have won over 60 Grammies for their recordings.

Chicago seems unable to stop playing at the top of its game. With so many full shows a year, anyone would expect them to slow down at some point, but they are to this day known for their unparalleled brass sound which brings the incomparable body to any piece they play.

Their talented musicians are also able to play in many styles, which is a rare feature of an orchestra, but this enables them to play music in the style of the pieces origin, a diversity in one orchestra which is hard to find.


The Vienna Philharmonic

Finishing with one of the oldest currently surviving orchestras in the world, the Vienna Phil has seemingly always been around through the west’s classical history. They have played for dozens of high profile celebrities over the decades and successfully represent the grandiose idea o an orchestra many envision in their mind. Many know them best for their annual New Year concert which is broadcast to millions every year and helps spread the word that orchestras are more alive than ever.


Now you’re in the mood for some classical music, there’s no better time to stop mulling over pianoforall reviews and get your keyboard out. With enough practice, you could one day play amongst the titans in the orchestral music world and feel the magnificence of such organized music from within.

5 Big Name Celebrities That Are Also Avid Gamers

In the past twenty years, we have seen technology go from being clunky and cumbersome to streamlined and efficient. We have seen the internet bloom from a laggy, unwieldy beast to a beautiful world that connects us all. And we have seen gaming move from two lines bouncing a ball into the realm of fully Virtual Reality.

Gaming wasn’t always as popular as it is today. In fact, gamers were often the butt of many jokes and seen as social outcasts amongst society. Now they are leading the way in entertainment and people from all walks of life are proud gamers.

In the past, celebrities were more concerned with their public image and being seen at the hottest spots in town. But modern celebrities need modern ways to unwind. And it’s no surprise that a lot of A-List celebrities are now avid gamers. And we don’t just mean the ones that appear in the commercials for a large paycheck.

So we are going to look at 5 A-List celebrities that are also avid gamers in their free time.


Jack Black

This will come as no big surprise to anyone. The headliner of Tenacious D, star of ‘School of Rock’ and all-around funny man. Jack Black is a comedy legend and known as one of the nicest guys in the business. And on top of all that he is also an avid gamer. In his downtime, he runs his own YouTube channel where he plays games, often with his fans.

He is a huge FPS fan and also plays a lot of traditional RPGs. Having got into games as a young man, he has a lot of insight into the hobby. And he often runs some impressive giveaways. Recently, to boost the popularity of the new COD, he was giving away a redemption code of the game to every thousandth commenter.


Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber has shown up in a fair few gaming adverts in his time, and often he does it out of love for the games. He was a huge gamer before he was discovered on YouTube, and remains one to this day. He has gone on record saying he loves spending his downtime on the couch with a controller in his hand.


Anthony Mackie

The MCU’s own falcon and star of Altered Carbon, Anthony Mackie is also a massive gamer. Having made appearances in a few games himself as a voice actor. He has stated his favorite games are FPS games and Fighting games. He loves a challenge and being able to compete with other players across the globe. He frequently does matches against his fans, offering them a chance to play together. He also donates to a lot of gaming-related charities, proving he is an all-around fantastic guy.


Aubrey Plaza

The most sarcastic actor in Hollywood, Aubrey Plaza loves to kick back and relax by playing some RPG games and more casual puzzle games as well. She is a new convert to the world of gaming, turned to it by her co-stars on the show ‘Legion.’ She has slowly started amassing quite the gaming collection and has admitted in a few interviews that she is putting more time into the hobby than she ever thought she would.

She has spoken about her love for Nintendo as well. She can’t get enough of hew switch and thinks it might be her all-time favorite console. And we can hardly blame her. Ever since I got mine I haven’t been able to put it down.


Henry Cavill

You won’t be surprised to hear this, but Henry Cavill might be one of the biggest nerds ever. You only need to look at his acting credits to see it. Superman. Sherlock Holmes. And the big gaming star, Geralt of Rivia. It turns out Henry is a massive fan of the Witcher game series. He has clocked thousands of hours in it and loves to kick back and relax with other RPG titles as well. No wonder he did such a fantastic job on the TV show. He is a true fan through and through and wanted to do the role justice.

The 5 YouTubers who Made the Site So Popular

Youtube has graced the internet since the early 2000s and has created a mass following that eagerly logs onto the site every night to watch their favorite content creator. No matter what ages you are, you have definitely heard of youtube due to the sheer impact it has had on society as we know it.  Youtube offers everything from cooking to gaming content and there really is something for everyone to enjoy. However, it wasn’t always this way.  Before everyone discovered youtube, the main creators mainly focused on fun skits and short films, but who are the creators that made the site so popular and what it is today?


Rhett and Link

Absolutely everyone has heard of Rhett and Link. They are one of Youtube’s original creator pair and have continued to produce daily videos over the last decade. You are bound to have seen one of their viral videos, most probably the one where they burn through 1000 t-shirts. The two started on the platform in their mid-thirties and have continued to captivate their fans as they have aged and it is all due to their quirky and likable personalities.



Though Smosh isn’t quite what it used to be, the channel is still up and running on youtube and captivating millions of views every month. Smosh originally started as the creation of two good friends with a love of making silly skits about everyday life topics. As the years have gone on, the original pair have disbanded and there is now an entire team that delivers the weekly skits that the channel gained its popularity from. When asked how Smosh managed to gain popularity so fast on the site they admitted that they buy subscribers on YouTube in large amounts. This is something a lot of YouTubers do and is another common technique used to gain supporters.


Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson does not have the same respect that he once had on the site, but it is hard to ignore the impact that he alone had on YouTube. Shane’s channel had many different focuses throughout the years, from music to controversial skits. He was loved by everyone on the site and was one of the first YouTubers that broke away from the site and became an everyday celebrity, with his merchandise sold in places such as hot topics and Amazon.



Pewdiepie is another Youtuber that has been big on the site for over a decade. He first became popular due to his hilarious reactions to jump- scare horror games and other stressful games that he would play. He is the most subscribed content creator on youtube right now and his popularity shows no signs of slowing down as everyday he gets thousands of new subscribers. He has had a few bumps in the road and a couple of years ago caused something referred to as the ‘ad-apocalypse’ but he has more than made up for his mistakes and is still loved by his fans. He also does a lot of charity work which shows just how generous he is.



Paint could be considered to be one of the least popular YouTubers on this list, but he has still made a massive impact on the site since he started posting in 2007. Paint focuses on a lot of musical parodies, which usually consists of taking popular songs and applying them to social events that are happening at the time. If you don’t recognize his name, you are still bound to have stumbled across some of his more popular videos as many of them went viral.

Hollywood Gossip: The Hottest Couples on the Red Carpet

In Hollywood, it is not unusual to read about a new celebrity couple in magazines and on social media every other week. New connections are made often through work or social events and then images are often plastered all over Instagram and Twitter within days. There are even some couples that have been together for so long that they usually just get referred to as one name by the press and their fans, such is their connection. Whether it’s a new couple, still in the honeymoon phase, or a couple that has been through everything together: here are some of the hottest couples in Hollywood right now, who we just can’t get enough of hearing about!


Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski

Long gone are the days of Brangelina, who broke up in 2016, Brad has a new and beautiful girlfriend now. Brad and Nicole, a 27-year-old model, have been together for around a year now and have spent a lot of that time traveling together before the quarantine. Their relationship has been kept on the down-low for the sake of privacy meaning that there are very few pics of them together, but from what we’ve seen, they are definitely a hot couple.


Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens

Kirk Douglas, the Hollywood icon, has been married to his former publicist, Anne Buydens, for around 64 years now. The pair got together following a funny anecdote, involving rejected dinner dates in favor of scrambled eggs, and have been together ever since, marrying and having two children together. Their long-term marriage would definitely spark envy, making everyone want a relationship like that with their crush and desperately questioning: does he like you?


Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich

Demi Lovato and the Young and the Restless actor Max Ehrich have recently sparked a relationship within the past 6 months and have already gotten engaged within that time. The pair clearly fell in love fast, although it does seem that there may be a few problems already, with proof of Max interested in and commenting on Demi’s ex-friend Selena Gomez’s pictures just days before the couple got together.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Long-time Hollywood star Tom Hanks has been happily married to his wife Rita Wilson for over thirty years now, with many more happy years expected to come in the future. After meeting in the early 80s on Tom’s show Bosom Buddies, it didn’t take long for the pair to fall in love and have two children, Chester and Truman. This couple, who are often stated to be two of the nicest celebrities you could meet, have been through a lot together, as seen this year when they were both tested positive for Covid-19.


Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

Another hot Hollywood couple, Ben and Ana have been dating since they filmed together as husband and wife in the upcoming movie Deep Water and have since been inseparable.  They holidayed together in Cuba and Costa Rica in March before going into quarantine together. Things still look good today as they plan to possibly move in together. Hopefully, they stay together and happy for years to come.


Although there is a lot of drama when it comes to celebs dating, with the entire world keeping an eye on their relationships, there are many couples that are thankfully able to stay happy and in love despite the prying eyes of the press and public. This should give everyone hope for the future of their love life, don’t give up and you will surely find the one you’re meant to be with someday.